Why It Is Important To Test Indicator Before Use

hey folks ! i hope you all are enjoying this weekend ! but little trading is also very important to earn money and enjoy the weekend so let’s talk about trading. i hope you read my last post about Non repaint indicator and i know you liked it.

indicator testing in demo trading

To test, it is not enough to select and configure an indicator. You must select a symbol and a period of time for the test. These are the data used for the tests. In the test, you can select an available terminal symbol in the terminal or use an external file. Historical * .FXT data files stored in the / TESTER directory are used in the tests. These files are automatically created in the tests when an available file has been selected in the terminal icon.

The symbol is defined in the field of the same name and the period is in the “Period” field. If there is no data file for this symbol, point and modeling method, it will be automatically created. If there is no historical data for the symbol or period, the examiner automatically downloads the last 512 history bars.

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