Let Straw Bags Bring you a Feeling of Primitive Simplicity

Straw bag has been welcomed by consumers out of Green Job. It is simple, natural pretty and spectacular. As a kind of adornments, it’s the fashion trend at present and have been around in the future, simple straightforward design, Straw bags’ natural green materials and full-bodied local characteristics are all widely desired by the modified. Straw bag is made of straw, cane, linen and other natural plant has experienced vogue from last year to enjoying a. It also becomes the favorite of street girl in summer because it is fashionable and light-weight.

Walking in the pub carrying having a leather fashionable straw bags bag is hard to avoid improving the complex and hot and dry having. Straw bags made of straw, cane, linen and other natural plant give a fresh and natural feeling.There are various styles of straw bags, such among the shoulder bag, portable bag, backpack, aslant bag, and so on. The most special place of portable straw handbag is that it has enough abilities. It is not only worthwhile for recreational occasions but also for formal occasions.

Today’s straw bag is not just that in simple . In order to adapt into the convenient and efficient requirements of present day people, straw bag is to get near to leather bag in the design.As for the common straw bags using a market, or even corn fiber straw bag, aquatic plants straw bag, straw grass straw bag, raffia straw bag and the cane straw bags, for example.

Previous straw bags have given another person the a feeling of simple and unadorned, whose color are only yellow and brown and square author. The difference is that this summer’s straw handbags add more fashionable elements, which makes fashionistas can’t ignore straw weaving handbags again. Unique style of straw bags can add rural breath to customers.Straw bags in this season are turning smaller, which aren’t the style of large straw bags in people’s theory. Colorful cane-weaved straw bag is really a beautiful scene in summer.Carrying a straw bag is a lot better than LV, which is because that straw bag provides person pure, fresh and natural detect. And at the same time, the Green Initiative materials are also in accord with advocated “the low carbon” life nowadays.