How to Get Rid of Psoriasis on Your Nails

Expert Reviewed How to Get rid off Psoriasis on Your Nails While many people consider psoriasis to be a skin disease, it can also spread to nails, causing cracks, discoloration, and a difficult texture. Nail psoriasis is usually quite difficult to treat, and it can take up to 1 year for your nails to go back to normal. Fortunately, there are a wide range of treatments you can use to help strengthen and replenish your nails. Since nails with psoriasis tend always be more delicate, it essential that you take care of your nails while undergoing treatment.

Steps Method Treating Nail Psoriasis Visit your doctor or dermatologist. A doctor can prescribe special medications and provide injections that may treat your nail psoriasis. They can also determine if you find a fungal infection affecting the condition of your nails. Your doctor will examine the condition of the nails. They may look for signs of nail psoriasis, such as pitting, thickened nails, gaps under the nail, and discoloration. Your doctor may send fingernail clippings to be tested as a fungal infection.

While not all nail psoriasis is affected by fungus, a fungal infection can worsen symptoms. Use a corticosteroid ointment at night. Your doctor may prescribe a strong steroid or recommend a weaker over-the-counter version. Apply the steroid over your complete nail before going to sleep. Rub it over the nail bed, which is located under the cuticle in the bottom of the finger nail. Wrap your nails with plastic wrap to prevent the ointment from rubbing off in your sleep. Don’t use corticosteroids for more than weeks at a time unless directed by a family doctor.

Apply other topical medications to your nail. Additionally to corticosteroids, your doctor may prescribe another medicated ointment, cream, or jellified. Apply these one or two times a day to the affected regions of your toenail. Follow your doctor s instructions for taking these drug treatments. Topical treatments be effective be used include Vitamin D derivatives Retinoids Anthralin -Fluorouracil Undergo injections on your fingers or toes. These injections only need to finished every – weeks. Enable you to will spray a local anesthetic into the nail.